Interview with a Former World Racer

I have a good friend named Caleb Lorenson.  In the forge of affliction our friendship was created, but that is another story.  Maybe we will get back to that some other time.  Let's wrap the part about Caleb up by saying that I trust Caleb with my life.  Enough about that for now.

Caleb has a friend named Samara, and she is a missionary type, like many of us are.  Caleb and I were talking on the phone a few weeks ago, talking about a trip he had recently returned from to Thailand.  We talked for quite a while, and in the conversation he reminded me about Samara, and that she was back from the race.  I told him I really wanted to talk to her about it, because of my familiarity with The World Race.  It is something of an emerging expression of short-term missions in my mind, and I have talked with the founder, the director, and some of the staff in person in recent years to try to understand what they are doing and why it is experiencing such growth.  If Samara was willing to talk with me, in some ways it would make my exposure more complete.  I was hoping to get something deeper than the marketing view.  I did. Continue reading “Interview with a Former World Racer”