Something Beautiful

Something Beautiful PictureI know you hurt. But there is always someone who is hurting more. I know that at the time of our affliction, our unanswered prayer, our heartache, our grief, it seems like no one quite understands or can relate to what we are going through. But there is always someone who is hurting more. I don’t say this to bring condemnation, but rather, perspective.

There are some things happening in my life right now that grieve my spirit deeply. If I allow those feelings of grief to overtake me, I could cry for hours, and I have before. However, there is something of the Spirit- the living breathing, all-powerful, gracious Lord Jesus living in me- that causes me to consider, “What blessing am I forfeiting by staying in a place of grief? What person needs the life inside of me today?” One of the enemy’s best plans of attack is to get us so focused on ourselves- on our pain and our problems- that we become ineffective for the Kingdom of God. Imagine if Jesus had allowed the trials that he faced to suppress the life that he had to give? We would not be here today.

In John 4, we encounter one of my favorite Bible passages, which is the story of the woman at the well. I invite you to read the story when you get a moment. Jesus was hungry and tired when he encountered the Samaritan woman at the well. He could have ignored the pain he saw in her and instead focused on his physical needs. But he didn’t. He poured out. And as he did, he was filled with the spirit, which overtook his physical hunger and fatigue.

Jesus is also quoted in Isaiah to be a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. He knows your pain. He knows your struggles. He knows how hard life can be. Imagine for a moment if Jesus had said to the Father in the Garden of Gethsemane, “Father, I don’t really feel like pouring my life out for all mankind today. The pain is just too great. I think I will just stay here and cry. I don’t want to fight anymore.” Our destinies would be very different. But the Word says that Jesus, for the joy set before him endured the cross. Like him, we must endure, but rest assured if we allow ourselves to be broken vessels for the Lord, beautiful things would occur.

For my Salvation Jesus was crushed; for my healing he was beaten; for my deliverance and victory he was tormented. And for him, I will yield. For him I will give up my right to be angry at the world, at my circumstances, and at myself. And I will count the trials of this life to be pure joy! Beloved, if you will allow yourself to be broken, God will use you in mighty ways. Your pain may be someone else’s breakthrough. So rejoice! You have a glorious life ahead of you- one filled with destiny and purpose. Don’t allow the enemy to keep you in a place of bondage any longer. Look to Him and reach out to others; your life is about to change! Isaiah 61.

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