You are Needed for Destiny

“No, Haiti needs you. The people here need you. The children need you. You could make a big difference here.”

These simple words were spoken to me in a tiny kitchen almost 2 years ago in the remote mountain regions of Badon Rouge, Haiti. My Haitian friend, Julian, sat across from me on a wooden chair. The smell of fried plantains, tea, beans, rice, and goat stew wafted through the air. Her eyes were piercing and sincere.

“Haiti needs you. It is not a mistake that you are here.”

As many missionaries have, I had begun to doubt that I could make a difference in a country like Haiti. The poverty was intense. I was white, foreign and a woman. I often felt like even the good work I was doing was only having a miniscule effect in the sea of suffering I saw on a daily basis.

“Haiti needs youElaine_Blog_Kids

Her simple words hit my heart. They firmly strengthened my resolve to love this desperate country and spend my life on it. In addition to this, what finally nailed everything into place was the 4.5 months of experience being “mom” to 19 children in an orphanage in Port-au-Prince. It was then that I realized that I would have children in this nation. It was then I realized that my future children were there. Continue reading “You are Needed for Destiny”

Something Beautiful

Something Beautiful PictureI know you hurt. But there is always someone who is hurting more. I know that at the time of our affliction, our unanswered prayer, our heartache, our grief, it seems like no one quite understands or can relate to what we are going through. But there is always someone who is hurting more. I don’t say this to bring condemnation, but rather, perspective.

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