Moving Target

In 2005 I made my second trip to Mexico City, where I was helping to conduct a conference in a small church in the north part of the city.  It was really good to be back, as I had been deeply impacted by the Lord’s heart on my first trip.  The team was different, and me and the Nicaraguan pastor who had led the previous trip were the only repeats from the previous team earlier that year.

One of the daily routines was to travel from our hotel, which was in the city proper, out to the north part near the border of Mexico City and the state of Mexico.  In this daily movement we were seeing all kinds of sites and people, impressions that were still fairly new to me, and my senses were heightened on this basis.

I was traveling with a friend from Texas named Keith, and he and I had a running conversation that we seemed to take up on the drive, as it took about an hour to cover a fairly short distance, based purely on the fact that tons of other people were on the move too.  We got into some interesting territory conversationally, and it was a surreal time, I think for both of us. Continue reading “Moving Target”