Reflections on Culture and Culture Change

Understanding culture and it's influence is very important in our times, especially as we encounter diverse people and people groups.  While this is especially valuable in our interactions with people from other nations / ethnic groups, it can be equally valuable much closer to home.  Everyone has had a unique group of experiences and inputs that have helped shape who they are.  This is true on the individual level, as well as the group level, regardless of size, regardless of location. Continue reading “Reflections on Culture and Culture Change”

Being Led

I am reminded today, that those with influence direct the attention of those they influence, they reveal what is important (to them) and tend to shape the perspective/understanding/belief of those who are under their influence.  This is a sobering reality, whether you are leading or following, but I can see evidence of this reality all around.  Isn't this fact one reason why the bible says that too many should not be teachers, because they will receive a stronger evaluation or judgement?  Leaders will share in the responsibility of the outcomes they have influenced.How is this true?

Seeds are powerful

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legitimacy, validity, authenticity, reality

As I have been contemplating what makes or confers legitimacy, I have observed some things that I hope will be helpful for you.  The word legitimate comes from an old word that means “legal” or to make legal.

There is an order in society that confers legitimacy, validity.  I am concerned that we, as believers, so often errantly take our queues from society on what is valid.  Let's keep in mind that the natural world does not embrace the reality of the spiritual realm, much less it's superiority, as the modern scientist portrays himself as irrefutable.

Finding the center of a worldview can help us understand what seeds are being carried along in it's stream. Continue reading “Perspective”