Nicaragua August 2010


Back to Masatepe from Terrabona

We returned last night to Masatepe from a great time in Terrabona, a remote town in the mountains. The people and the place were beautiful.

The pastor said shortly after our arrival that we would remember them because o the food. He knew what he was talking about. We were fed like the children of the King!  Notice the plates are clean….

We encountered God's grace and the readiness of hearts. Very powerful first night. God was teaching and touching.

Second day was an advance. We taught, discussed and demonstrated more on the prophetic. As Jon Mackey was discussing dreams, he invited to share dreams they had had.  One pastor who was there told of a warning dream that he had during the height of the revolution here, which prepared him for a threat on his life.  It was very powerful, and a really strong encouragement to all of us that we should pay attention to what the Lord is trying to communicate to us.

Tomorrow we are headed into the Youth Pastor's Retreat.  This will be our last event before we return to our places….  Our team is made up of Mexicans, US, and USs living in Mexico.  Great team.

Our team has started to get a few hits.  Jeff had to leave suddenly to return to the US because Kim's blood pressure has been out of control.  We will miss him for the rest of the trip.  Jon has been hit with sickness; vomiting, etc., etc..

More details as they unfold.  Pray for us 🙂


We have been in Nicaragua for a few days now, and we are about to leave for a remote area a few hours off the paved road to do an outreach and work with some churches in the town of Terrabona. Should be exciting, and likely will press on our comfort addictions a little.

We will be holding a mini conference of sorts. Tonight we will be in a meeting of five churches, and tomorrow in a pastor's conference. We are planning to break out some prophetic ministry, which will be brand new for these guys. Ask for grace and help on our behalf!

I will be speaking tonight, and Yuri will be leading a prophetic clinic tomorrow, and we will be doing the stuff.

Things are going well, complete with a few challenges. 🙂

Will try to send an update when we pop back on the grid, probably Thursday.

Blessings and grace, from God the Father, and our Lord Jesus Christ!



Jeff and I landed safe and sound in Nicaragua about an hour ago. Hopefully the pic attached of Jeff with airport background. Five others arriving today, and three more tomorrow, making it a total of ten. We will keep you posted on arrivals, etc.




What does it mean to walk with God? At the end of your life, would you be satisfied if you had learned to walk with God?

I hope this for me and for you too!



Trip week is here!

We have been thru a good bit on the lead up to this week, and now we are trying to pull things together for the flight to Managua.

There is and has been much to be thankful for. We have received from the generosity and prayers of the saints. Thanks Lord, and thanks folks.

It looks ten team members for the trip.

Please pray for us as we dial into what is need and what we have to offer.

More soon,


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