To a large degree, we Christians are living like mere mortals…….  In truth, however, we are not mere mortals, but are born from above, and can, at once, answer the invitation to see and enter (living from a perspective of) the eternal kingdom of God.  We can make a clean break with this realm's controlling influence.  This is not complicated.  Help us, Lord.

The spirit of the age is playing the role of guide in this mere-mortal existence.  Following along, we look, smell, and taste like the predominant culture around us, whatever that culture may be; whether Eastern or Western.

Quit yourselves like men, and fight!  (in non-King James version – stand up and fight like never before!)  It is beyond important that this is changed.  We must fight to see it so!

It is not complicated, but that doesn't make it easy.  We will have to decide to follow Jesus away from the cultural cues and signposts of earthly legitimacy.  We will need to follow Him into death to this world, and the things this world values.  We will be following Him into true life, life overflowing.

And can we now expect to live successfully with one foot in the world, with all it's self-legitimacy, and one foot in the Kingdom?  This will only ensure our ruin.  No.  We must decide.  And once we decide, commit.  And once we commit, shove off.

Do you hear the call from the distant shore?

Is it offensive for you to consider that this may be your situation, that this may not only be generally true, but talking to you?

No need to be offended.

Rather, let us join with those who have valiantly gone before us, who saw and embraced the daily death march, which makes way for the life of Jesus to be seen, today, in this earth.

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