A Dangerous Assumption…

He made all the right decisions. He dated slowly, chose wisely, did everything I asked of him in pre-marital counseling, and despite all his wise choices, his wife left him just months into the marriage.

Shared, with permission, from the personal blog of Kevin A. Thompson, husband, father, and pastor.

She made all the right decisions. Three job offers were on the table. Her knowledge and ability was recognized by everyone. She prayed, sought wise counsel, and made the best decision she knew to make. Within the year the company failed and she was without a job.

There is a common assumption regarding God’s will. It’s the belief that success is the ultimate sign of choosing correctly. It’s the belief that if you make a decision which honors God, God will honor you with success. It’s a dangerous assumption.

Click this link to get the rest of the story at Kevin's blog

(I read this last week on the recommendation of a friend and was struck by it.  I hope it has an impact on you, as well.  -Scott)

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