1Mexico2014 Returns Home

EsTiempo2014Wanted to drop a quick update from the recent time in Mexico, and express thanks for the prayer support!  All team members made it safely back to their homes, and had a meaningful experience in my estimation.  I left Mexico on Cinco de Mayo – May 5th – which is interesting.

We were safe, (mostly) healthy, and productive while we were on the ground.  There were two teams, one for the first half and one for the second half, and I stayed a few extra days afterward for the conference Es Tiempo (It's Time) in Puebla with long time friends Jerry and Susy McNally and Living Hope International.

I am hoping to write a detailed summary, discussing our time in Oaxaca, Puebla, Cuernavaca and Mexico City – including the La Malenche Mountain Climb, but that may be a few days in the making.

Many thanks for the prayer support on the lead up and while we were on the ground.  In short, we are seeing more doors open for meaningful relationships and co-laboring.  I have been consistently going to Mexico now for ten years, but it seems like we are entering a new time now, and we want to understand it properly so that we can cooperate with the what the Lord intends going forward.

For the King and His Kingdom!



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