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Hello All,

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our family's updates. Caleb takes a lot of time and thought when he writes them, and enjoys the writing process. For me, I don't enjoy writing and I am trying to finish this update before Iris wakes up from a nap. So here I go…..
So much has happened in my life in the last few months so I am excited to share with you all some stories.

First, I have been experiencing a lot of miracles when I am praying for people and that is just simply AMAZING! I will share the story about my co-worker's mom. A few weeks ago Caleb taught on the fruit of peace at SPCC church, and I wanted to officially meet my co-worker's mom because I knew she may be struggling with having peace in her life. The previous week my co-worker had been asking me to be praying for her family and a situation they had been experiencing. So when I met her, I immediately asked to pray for her to experience more peace in her life. She was very happy to receive that prayer and admitted she NEEDED it! While I was praying, I felt like Holy Spirit was telling me she had sickness or pain in her body. This was true and she begin to tell me about the different areas she had pain. One that was highlighted to me by Holy Spirit was her leg so I prayed for her leg, and then got wisdom from Him that one leg was longer than the other.

So I asked her, “Is one of your leg's longer than the other?” She replied, “No, they are the same length.” I told her lets check to make sure. So I had her sit down on a chair and sure enough. One was longer than the other by a half inch or so. I told her that I was going to pray and ask Papa God to have her shorter leg grow out, and I also invited Caleb & P'Pat to participate in the prayers. So we all prayed together and I kept looking at her legs and it wasn't growing out! In my mind, I was telling Papa God that it's okay if her leg does not grow today but I have the faith for it to! So I decided to tell her to open her eyes as I was going to pray one more time and that Papa God wanted her to SEE the miracle. I closed my eyes this time and I prayed in Thai instead of English. As I prayed the leg grow out because when I opened my eyes they were the same length! We rejoiced together, and immediately the pain in her leg and back went away. Also the swelling in her other leg went down too. It was a miracle indeed! This miracle also gave her hope in a time that seemed very hopeless. She also commented that she felt her body making “strange” movements as I prayed, and felt the peace of God in her heart and physical body! YAY God!!!
Me with teachers from Good Kids Preschool.
Update is that she has had some pain come back to that leg but the pain overall has significantly decreased! Also pray for peace over their family and home. Thank you!
Another story I would like to share with you is about a speaking opportunity I could possibly have in the near future. Caleb has been asked multiple times to be the speaker at SPCC church. He has done a great job that they have asked him to keep coming back! 🙂 One of those days Caleb was speaking and I was thinking to myself about how much this a great opportunity for Caleb and I was thankful for that. But then I heard Holy Spirit tell me that I have speaking opportunities for you too. Okay. Great. I know I enjoy speaking and I will probably do some of that once I return to the States next year. So end of thought.
Well, while I was eating lunch after church with a Thai family that was dear to me, the Pastor's wife came and sat down by me. I knew that this was serious because she doesn't normally interrupt unless she has something to say. So she started asking me series of questions about living in Thailand having a gift of making relationships with the Thai people. Then she told me that she is speaking at a womens conference on the topic of making friends with Thai women. She then told me that she sees my life and knows I am very gifted in relationships and if I were to speak, what would I say? So I was taken off guard and quickly gathered my thoughts and told them to her as best as I could. I also felt very humbled because she is married to a Thai man and she has been living in Thailand for almost 20 years! For myself it's only been 2. 5 years. After I shared my experiences I asked if it was a specific women's conference I have heard about it. She said yes and asked if I was going? I said I wasn't sure and then she then invited me to speak with her at the conference if I would like to? Um.
What? Be the guest speaker with you? Wow, this is crazy stuff.
Update is that I haven't came back to her and said I would like to speak with you at this women's conference which I plan to. This conference is VERY big and I will have the experience to share my life with many women, mostly missionaries that are struggling with making friendships with the Thai women. Again, I am extremely humbled. I think wow, whom am I? But Papa God is so awesome and I am so excited to be using my gift of speaking BEFORE I go back to the States. Praise Jesus! The conference is in October so please be praying for me about this amazing opportunity I have.
Me with teachers from School of Promise.

The last story I will share with you today (Iris has woken up) is one of great favor! I have been studying with my Thai tutor for well over a year. She has become a second Mother to me and I really enjoy spending time with her. I had been telling her about the recent miracles that I have experienced while praying for others. She was so encouraged that she went home that day and prayed for her aging mother to be able to swallow food better. Her mother is 80 something and recently underwent an open heart surgery. Our family went to the hospital to pray for her before the surgery. The surgery went great and she was dismissed only a few days after surgery which was a miracle for her age! My tutor attributes that to prayers and the power of God! Amen.

Well now her mother is having difficulty eating and overwhelming lack of peace in her life that has made her become mean. So she asked us to come pray for her mother again. At that time life was fairly full of events going on so were not quick to going. But other family members were encouraging us to GO and pray for her mother! It was crazy how much favor we had and a desire for Papa God to come to their home. Monday was my Thai teacher's birthday so we decided this would be a good time to go and pray for her mother. Her mother was so receptive and it was like she had been waiting her WHOLE life for this moment. My teacher told me later that he Mom had taken special efforts to prepare for us coming. So we all prayed for her including Joy that lives with us. As we circled around her lounge bed in the living room, holding her hands, and praying for her the Holy Spirit showed up in a powerful, tangible way. Peace flooded all of our hearts and tears came down her face. God was working in her heart and it was explainable. Strangely enough the family members left room after some picture taking and my teacher was trying to get us to be done with our prayers. I think this is common behavior of people that don't know what to do when GOD shows up. But it was powerful, life changing for all of us that were present.

I hope you enjoyed a few of my stories of what is going on with me. I feel so honored to be just a mom, a teacher, a friend, and simply a daughter. It's so wonderful to be loved by Papa God till overflowing and then share that love with others.
With love,
PS – If you would like to contact Tracy to learn more about their work in Thailand, let us know and we can pass your info to them to start the dialogue.

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