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LukeAnspach_Nicaragua_Web_06I recently had the pleasure of contributing an editorial piece about my experience in Nicaragua with their coffee culture to the online culinary magazine, Life & Thyme. They also published a number of my photographs documenting my experience.


I met so many wonderful people during my visit (like our friends Ixil and Adrian Borter, and the Torrez family, all of whom I write about in the story) and hope to continue going back and building those relationships over time. The whole experience in Nicaragua was amazing and there was so much more I wanted to share in this story but I hope that you enjoy the read and the photography.

Head over and take a gander: AdIx's Nicaraguan Coffee.


Luke Anspach








(Editor's Note:  We have a team arriving in Nicaragua this week and would appreciate your prayer support.  Check out field updates HERE)

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