#2015MexTour Report by Ita Hernandez

God's Power showed in His Creation

As I ponder on how to express my experience of my recent trip to the South of Mexico, I can’t  even imagine how to say with just a few lines how blessed I felt, nor how much the Lord spoke to me and encouraged me with a new perspective, as I took this journey with Him.

To start with, I was surprised to receive the invitation to participate on this trip. In my heart the flood of emotions of excitement along with that soft all-knowing voice of my heavenly Father speaking to me confirmed that I was supposed to go on this trip. As I started to make preparations to go, immediately I started to face some difficulties, struggles and it felt like every evil thing was coming against me.

The plan of the enemy is always to make us doubt and to cause us to lose hope in what God had already confirmed that He was going to do. Adversity can cause us to run away from God or like in my case send us desperately running to Him to ask for His guidance, my heart needed to have clarity.

One morning I woke up with these words in my mind: “Even mount Sinai shook as the Glory of God was poured out over it” WOW, how powerful is this!!!! God was letting me know that the shaking that I was feeling was because His glory was being poured out over me and would be used through me on this trip. This was everything I needed to hear to know that God was with me on this trip! So, from this I learned that if God is with you then you better get ready for the adventure of your life!!!!

With that said, I started the adventure… I joined the team in the beautiful mountains of Chalcatongo, Oaxaca. I am glad this place was included in the tour, because I not only got to visit those in the body of Christ, but I also got to visit my brother and his lovely family.  How special and spoiled God made me feel.


Continuing with the tour, we made it to Oaxaca City. We had a reunion there with new and old friends. What a sweet time it was and God’s love for His people was very tangible.

The rest of the team continued the trip, however I was able to spend a couple of more days in Oaxaca.

In truth I am still processing everything that God taught me through many different situations and testimonies God’s encouragement strengthen me. His voice was very profound in my heart. Yes indeed, the mountain was shaking!!!

While sharing with a young girl I was reminded on how essential it is to seek God and ask for His will to be done in your life, but then of course you have to obey and pursue it with all your strength, mind and soul!

Mary and a former mentor of mine, both sat down with me and God spoke to me through them. I was tremendously blessed by their words of encouragement and their counseling both of them are wonderful women of God. I just love to hear their experiences that God has taken them on and for me it is a privilege to be loved by these women of God! I love you all, thank you for being a part of what God is doing in my life. Your words and love are truly jewels to me.

Wonderful time with friends.

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