You are Needed for Destiny

“No, Haiti needs you. The people here need you. The children need you. You could make a big difference here.”

These simple words were spoken to me in a tiny kitchen almost 2 years ago in the remote mountain regions of Badon Rouge, Haiti. My Haitian friend, Julian, sat across from me on a wooden chair. The smell of fried plantains, tea, beans, rice, and goat stew wafted through the air. Her eyes were piercing and sincere.

“Haiti needs you. It is not a mistake that you are here.”

As many missionaries have, I had begun to doubt that I could make a difference in a country like Haiti. The poverty was intense. I was white, foreign and a woman. I often felt like even the good work I was doing was only having a miniscule effect in the sea of suffering I saw on a daily basis.

“Haiti needs youElaine_Blog_Kids

Her simple words hit my heart. They firmly strengthened my resolve to love this desperate country and spend my life on it. In addition to this, what finally nailed everything into place was the 4.5 months of experience being “mom” to 19 children in an orphanage in Port-au-Prince. It was then that I realized that I would have children in this nation. It was then I realized that my future children were there.

Two years after this speech, I am now sitting at my computer in the states taking the final preparation steps to move permanently to Haiti in October, 2013. I have started my own nonprofit organization, filled 10 large barrels with clothing and supplies for our orphanage, set up a US Office, and will start everything up upon arrival to Haiti (in October).

My mission is called “Lespri Haiti Mission”. The word lespri (Leh-spwee) is the Haitian Creole word for “spirit”. Our symbol is a dove with royalty, love, and value pouring out of His heart onto the children of Haiti. We seek to raise Spirit-filled, educated leaders out of Haiti's most precious possession: it's orphans and children. We seek to see this nation transformed by the love of God through it's own beautiful people. And we seek to do so with excellence, education, and a deep companionship with the Holy Spirit.

Elaine_DovePic_BlogTo find out more about Lespri, my vision for Haiti's orphans & children, our orphanage, and our other ground-breaking programs, visit our website: or like us on Facebook at our page entitled: Lespri Haiti Mission.

Thanks for reading, and remember that your life and the expression of your heart is needed in this world. You are needed to bring the light of Jesus Christ as it could only come from you. You are needed to touch the untouchables, love the orphans, and care for the hopeless on foreign soil. You are needed to show kindness, speak hope, and bring life to the emotionally wounded at the malls and gas stations of urban America. You are needed for a great and glorious destiny of deliverance and life!

This world needs you and the way that only you can express the Father's heart. Blessings & enjoy the incredible journey!

Elaine RensinkIn Him,

President of Lespri Haiti Mission

To visit the Lespri Haiti Mission Website, Click Here!

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