The Thing That Amazes Me Most

Now THAT was an amazing ten days.

(Contribution from Amy Layman about the Central America Trip from January 2012)

We landed in Liberia, Costa Rica on January 5th and from there ventured to Playa Sámara where we spent a day and two nights playing, relaxing, and preparing (and, in Kyle's and my case, getting engaged!). And, crazily enough, the trip was already being met with some resistance. Jon's passport was going to expire in 2 months, so, while he was okay to take the domestic flight to Miami, Continue reading “The Thing That Amazes Me Most”

Costa Rica Trip Summary – May 2011

How do you describe or detail God's grace in words?

It is an elusive, describing the transcendent.  I will do my best.

First Five Days – Costa Rica

Upon arriving in Costa Rica, I was notified by Jan Millsaps that Greg had missed his connection and would not make it at his expected time of three hours behind me.  It seems that Aeromexico decided to get a new computer / reservations platform at the same time that we were headed to Costa Rica.  This would end up costing us 24 hours before he arrived.  I hung out and waited a good bit, and was also able to catch up with Rafael Varela, a friend who I met when I passed through Costa Rica in 2006.  We sat down to a nice dinner and caught up on what had been happening with both of us over the last few years.  It was a really good visit, and I am thankful he had time to spend. Continue reading “Costa Rica Trip Summary – May 2011”

Leaving Costa Rica


It's been a great time here.  I am sure it only gets better.  We cross the border this morning into Nicaragua and meet the team.  The action part of the program is about to begin!