Other Team Members Weigh In – CA2012

Jason Reeves – Shreveport, LA

The opportunity to unplug from the comfort zone and enter into a greater zone of dependency with the Lord is a blessing.  This trip was significant to me in several areas, particularly in the chance to minister encouragement and hope to some amazing members of God's family, and in turn to receive their ministry and blessing.  I return home refreshed and hopeful that our Father God is accomplishing His objectives with diligence and power.  I'm encouraged to see the kingdom coming in power in a greater way in my heart, soul, strength, and mind.  The opposition overcome by this team is a testimony to the maturity and persevering spirit of its members.  We are learning to depend on the Lord in a greater and more excellent way.  Thank you God for increasing our vision of your presence in our lives.

Ixil Torrez – Matagalpa, Nicaragua

It was a great honor for me to be part of such loving, serving, and transformational team in Nicaragua with FX Missions. I was not even sure on how to go about decision making about my job, but being around you and having so much of GOD in your own lives provided such awesome peace to me that I am now glad to have made the right decision 🙂 And being at Pinas de Paz with all the Youth Pastors, and our Nicaraguan and FX Missions teams was powerful indeed. I see the lives of every one who heard what we all shared being totally rocked by the love of Jesus.  I am so excited to be part of what God is doing in Nicaragua and Central America with FX Missions.

Kyle Ledyard – Charlotte, NC

We have had an amazing past few days (the last few at the Youth Conference were a special blessing to me). We were staying at Pinas de Pas a small retreat center in the middle of a jungle-like protected forest full of parrots, monkeys and other little birds. From where I slept on the porch-like area I could see the mountains all around and “woke with the little birds”. Nicaragua is an incredibly beautiful country with varying landscapes and three different climate zones.

The Lord really showed up at the youth pastors conference. There were about 40 attendees at the conference and all of us on the team got a time to teach/preach/or whatever we felt the Lord wanted us to do. It was powerful, and I think that we were able to give them some tools to take back to their churches and areas of ministry.

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