Evidence of Life

Recently I was flying into some place, and as we got closer to the ground, close enough to see in more detail, I began to look around and see if I could make out any people.  It was a little disturbing, as I didn't see anyone for what seemed like a long time.  There was evidence present that people had been there, i.e., buildings, vehicles, improvements to the landscape, but no people.

Kibera Slum, Nairobi, Kenya 2009 – One of the world's largest slums.

Not sure what I was feeling in this whole thing, but it was a distinct feeling, that's for sure.

There is evidence of life all around us, or rather artifacts present that show that life was once present, but may not be as present as it was before.

Will we be content to leave a mark behind that life once existed?  How can we actually help perpetuate the life that is present and take it forward, instead of only leaving monuments that testify that the life that was once there has terribly receded?

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  1. I don’t Know how we could do it, but as long as there is real true love in this earht, God’s hope in us will keep us alive. For many people this is not an easy thing to do. Love is more than words, I remember myself before coming to christ, christian people used to tell me: “God loves you”, and even when I accepted christ was kind of imposible for me to do what christ asked us to do: “to love one another”, not because I didnt want to, but because of the absence of love in my life, then I realized that I couldnt give something that I havent known and received thus far.

    My friend thanks for being a loving person, in some way your love still keeps many people alive, including me.

    “It’s very sad and discouraging for any team member either in Athletics or football to loose a goal or do not finish the race. First it may lead to disqualification, missing the medal or reward and the worst spoil the name. Also to be promoted to another level/league is more difficult”.
    “Better is the end of a thing than the beginning” (Eccl.7:8).Anyone to be proved worthy for any reward must finish the race. The same is applied to the spiritual realm in preaching the gospel and walking in all sanctity in Christ and fulfilling the great commission. But the devil as the roaring lion is walking around seeking whom it may devour.We are called with a high calling and we’re a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation and a peculiar peoples representing a heavenly kingdom on earth .Failing to fulfill our great commission is giving chance to the devil to boast and yet it is powerless not real a lion. Jesus is the Lion of Judah. Anyone slaking, hanging round or not running the race the devil will devour and be counted a wicked and unfaithful soldier, because no soldier is entangled to the affairs of this life, that he may please he who had chosen him to be a soldier. To receive and accept Jesus to be LORD and Savior and for a moment you look back is crucifying Jesus on the cross second time. We are leaving in the last and perilous days many are loosing their love to Christ and departing from the faith. But to us who are called to bear witness of our lord Jesus Christ we do not struggle with inferiority complex, lifestyle or non-religious doctrines. Jesus said “Whoever perseveres unto the end shall be saved, and Paul said be faithfully unto death”. Turn neither from your faith nor compromise with this world of the present age. Fix your eyes on the Savior and Redeemer of all mankind Jesus Christ who bought us with His Precious blood.
    The crown of righteousness and of life is awaiting them that will overcome and finish the race. Press toward the mark .And for us all who keep our course on the holy race, “May the Lord Jesus Christ deliver us from every evil way and preserve us unto His Heavenly Kingdom”. AMEN.
    That’s what God has put to my heart very recently and to encourage other fellow brethren in Christ that it’s very shameful when a born again christian backslides it’s very sad and painful to the Holy spirit.and let’s shall the love of God those who are neglected and bruised because of the wiles and wicked deeds of the devil.

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