Execute the Basics of the Faith

Back In The Day
WAY Back In The Day, Pick Albert and Claim A Prize!!

When I was much younger, I played sports. One of the things that an athlete has to do is to execute the basic technique of his position. Simple things really such as how to stand or where to put your feet. After many repetitions, these basic things become second nature and no longer require thought. However, when a bad habit forms to take one away from the basic principles of the game, he has to recalibrate the basics. For instance, my favorite team in American football has recently had some issues with tackling. It is the most basic function of the game of football. Yet these professionals sometimes loose track in their great skills of strength, agility, and speed to execute the fundamentals of tackling and fail to stop players upon initial contact. Sometimes the professionals become distracted by the statistics and the achievements or even the next contract. But if they execute the fundamentals, these things will take care of themselves. Continue reading “Execute the Basics of the Faith”

Greg Millsaps’ Take On Nica2014

Joe D Lope and Greg (Goyo) Millsaps at Las Peñitas

For me, this past trip to Nicaragua was like seeing a missing puzzle piece falling into place. Nicaragua is a country to which I have deep commitments and, more importantly, a deep love. I lived and served there from 2003-2006 and have returned several times since to visit and re-connect. But no return visit has been as meaningful as this past trip has been.

Nicaragua is a unique country in the family of nations. It is my firm belief that God has a unique calling for this nation – a Great Commission calling which is only now beginning to be realized by its young leaders. As such, it is an honor and a privilege to have a part in the mentoring and discipleship of many young Nicaraguan leaders. This was the purpose of the trip – to continue to invest in Great Commission disciple-making relationships with passionate and capable young leaders. Continue reading “Greg Millsaps' Take On Nica2014”

Crowded Out

Following the crowd, who's following someone who claims to be following The Lord should not be confused with following Jesus yourself, and will never produce a life of consequence…

While there are no doubt 10,000 of The Lord's people who have not bowed their knee to Bael, many of those regarded as being great leaders during our times serve more to distract us from the primary things of life and calling in God.  Unless we have ears to hear The Lord for ourselves, this will continue with it's accompanying fruit of lethargy, lukewarmness, and indifference. Continue reading “Crowded Out”

The Tension of (Im)maturity

I recently tweeted:  “Don't blame God for the pain your own immaturity drags you thru. Grow instead!”  Some wondered if I was talking to them.  I wasn't.  I was talking to us, all of us.  We all live in a tension between immaturity and maturity.  This reality compasses our own state, as well as those of the people we encounter.  We are all located along the maturity continuum, somewhere between being a novice, and person of understanding.

We know that immaturity is unavoidable, as everyone has to begin, right? Continue reading “The Tension of (Im)maturity”