Who’s to blame when things don’t go like you wanted, hoped for, expected, were used to and/or comfortable with?  Blame is an interesting thing!  Some have said we live in a culture of blame, i.e. we are looking to assign blame and are not looking for someone to be responsible. has the following definition for blame culture: Blame culture is a set of attitudes characterized by an unwillingness to take risks or accept responsibility for mistakes because of a fear of criticism or prosecution. People blame each other to avoid being reprimanded or put down. Continue reading “Blame”

Personal Rendezvous

David’s life was different than those who went before him.  God wanted to start something new, a new season in time, and the introduction of that time was wrapped up in David’s life, his destiny and calling in God.  In many ways, these things lead David into difficulty and peril, so it wasn’t arranged with the priority of David’s comfort and / or convenience in mind.  God’s will for us can lead us into inconvenience, discomfort and also peril.  But that doesn’t mean we should try to avoid His will, or that the costs introduced by His will should be avoided. Continue reading “Personal Rendezvous”

Professional Christianity

“The Church was a family in Jerusalem, became an institution in Rome, a political tool in Europe & a business in the USA. SAD!” – Rick Warren

A professional is the citizen of a corporation, not the citizen of a family, as it appears to me.

So what do I mean by professional Christianity? It’s like, “If you really are called by God, you should be ministering for a living, right?” After all, significant spiritual contribution is reserved for those who are professionals, aka those who are “in the ministry.”

Continue reading “Professional Christianity”

Reflections on Culture and Culture Change

Understanding culture and it’s influence is very important in our times, especially as we encounter diverse people and people groups.  While this is especially valuable in our interactions with people from other nations / ethnic groups, it can be equally valuable much closer to home.  Everyone has had a unique group of experiences and inputs that have helped shape who they are.  This is true on the individual level, as well as the group level, regardless of size, regardless of location. Continue reading “Reflections on Culture and Culture Change”