Crowded Out

Following the crowd, who's following someone who claims to be following The Lord should not be confused with following Jesus yourself, and will never produce a life of consequence…

While there are no doubt 10,000 of The Lord's people who have not bowed their knee to Bael, many of those regarded as being great leaders during our times serve more to distract us from the primary things of life and calling in God.  Unless we have ears to hear The Lord for ourselves, this will continue with it's accompanying fruit of lethargy, lukewarmness, and indifference.

The lofty statement that Jesus prooclaimed while among us continues to be true, “No man can come to Me unless led by My Father.”  Recognizing what God is doing and leading – we know He continues to magnify His Son – is a product of the Spirit's work, and shrewdness will never get us there.

Humility is the lonely ferry, standing alert and at the ready, faithfully giving passage to as many or as few who arrive at her docks.  All day long, across the way, His hands extend, and His call goes forth, “Come to Me, all you who strain under the burden of heavy loads, and I will give you rest.”

If you hear His call today, now, respond.


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