The constant undertow of pleasure, self-centeredness, and vanity draws us away from a life of meaning and consequence. How do we fight against these foes? To fight them directly, or head on, can be an exercise in futility. We never transcend our problems by focusing on them. We have to realize (and believe) that there is a overarching intention in life, generally, and in our lives, specifically. What are we / what am I called to do or be? It’s important to take onboard that your creation was, and is, intentional. Surely you were made for more than just what you can produce…. Right? I think so.

And it’s more than the old dualistic struggle, do or be. Add a third element, or leg to the table, so to speak, and you will gain enough stability to stand. What is that third leg I am suggesting?


In order to be, you must become.

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Darren and Susan Creel – LM0165

Darren and Susan Creel, business owners, missionaries and faithful followers of Jesus, jump into the Leadership Moment with us from the field. Hear the voice of experience from all the areas of opportunity for leadership where they have served. “Our abilities are limited by our influence…” Yes, they are.

Check out the mission group the Creel’s have ministered with for many years if you are interested in clean water efforts… –

Spontaneous Leadership from the Field – LM0164

Ken and Holly Brooks join us to elaborate – spontaneously – on their concept of leadership and what they value in a leader. Authenticity, and not “image driven”, make the list. Are we making people in our image, or are we helping them be formed into the image of Christ? These guys have a take on it!

References include Bethel from Redding, California, Holly Brooks dad – Look for his books on Amazon (Randy Fisk), and! Also check out Ken and Holly’s book on amazon. Find it Including You, at this link –

FX Missions:

Mic Flip on the Road – LM0163

Luke Anspach jumps into the mix to a pose a question or two to Scott which spawned from a conversation on the road. What do you want your legacy to be at the completion of your missions or ministry endeavors? Spontaneous response, straight ahead! Join us in the milieu!