An RV Trip, Stepping Into the Unknown, and an Unexpected Lesson – LM0203

Brian Morykon, an accomplished musician, friend of many years, and borderline millennial, joins us for a few episodes. We talk about his RV trip with his whole family (for a year) to the Continental Divide and back, plus other forms of torture. (haha, JK).

Get to know Brian a bit here, and check out his upcoming profies of RIch Mullins and Henri Nouwen on upcoming sessions of the FXMissions Leadership Moment. Find out more about Brian and his music, including his very recent project, at

BroSummit 8 – Carolina / Thurs April 8 – Sun April 11, 2021


Appalachian Mountains Here We Come!!! USE FORM BELOW TO REGISTER!!

Brotherhood will be invading the Lake Adger area (near Mill Spring, NC).

Nearest Airport – Greenville Spartanburg SC – GSP.

Charlotte, NC is second best airport CLT

To bring Masculinity in the Natural and the Spirit, for 4 days and 3 nights!

That’s right, you asked for 1 more day and you got it.

Our time together will begin in the afternoon of April 8th and we will depart after breakfast on April 11th. There will be great food, creative fun and by the Lord’s grace a whole lot of relationship building and spiritual influence. First to sign up will be able to select the best lodging options.


When: April 8-11, 2021

Location: Mill Spring, NC

Meals: All meals included

Lodging: Included

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Round Two with Dave Buehring of Lionshare.Org – LM0202

Join us for the second session with Dave Buehring, where we profile someone who Dave suggests J Jewish people may view as number two Moses only to Moses, as far as impact upon them as a people! This biblical figure has been super instructive in Dave’s life.

Also, reach out to Dave and his team at, find his new book at the site, and subscribe to his podcast at

Dave Buehring and Leadership – LM0201

Dave has been at his walk of faith for a while now, and growing / training in leadership much of that time. He’s been impacted by some very well known leaders. Join us as he discusses many leaders and their impact on his current role and responsibilities.

Can you see yourself growing? Dave can help!

Find out more about Dave and get involved at:

Dave’s new book is available for purchase here:

Access Dave’s podcast – Wisdom Unlocked: The Ways of God (available on popular platforms)