As Time Turns to History


Few thoughts for coming year… more to come later.

As we approach ultimate times, things are going to begin to move at a quicker pace… It's is somewhat like when water flows down a river and approaches rocks. The water has to speed up to get over the rocks, causing “rapids”. We are approaching the rapid movement of time.

I expect the cost of obedience to go up.

I expect the enemy to try to make his offers more attractive.

Many believers will enter into a life of great fruitfulness.

Many believers will fall into sin and fruitless lifestyles.

God's grace is going to become more visible, as is His severity.

We will need more courage than we have needed in the past, as the opposition we will face is going to be stronger.

Living a life of abandonment to God and to His will will quickly become apparent as the only way for Christians to live victoriously.

Much of the popular doctrine of our times will be exposed as deception, or the deception within the doctrine will become evident.

Great gain and great loss are at hand.

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