It’s Time…. to Surrender (from Puebla, Mexico)

the great day of the feast...
the great day of the feast...

Es Tiempo de Entregarse was the theme of the conference here in Puebla, which lies in sight of an active volcano. It was snow-capped but puffing smoke in our view, as the conference momentum grew and overflowed.

Internet connectivity here has been a challenge, so I apologize for no updates before now.

Photo here was of the last meeting, which, like the sum of our time here, was beyond expectations. More photos on this FB album:

Facebook Puebla Album

Bullet list summary:

Great times with friends from around Mexico

People getting blasted by God's goodness and great generosity

Top shelf team that came together from the West Coast, East Coast, South, North and all over Mexico. Unity of the Spirit in the team was exemplary. Power was strong… Looking for transformed lives to result.

Late nights… not too early mornings…

Lack of coffee consumption

Workouts that happened indoors…..

Scoring the winning point in a game of 2 on 2 with people (like myself) who should leave competition to the more talented at basketball

A sadness to see the good times here come to a close.

Looking forward to getting to Monterrey tomorrow, a place where I have yet to go in Mexico.

I really believe that it truly time to surrender more deeply, and to surrender consistently to God. He wants to take more and more ground in our hearts. You and I are the winners in this trade. Search your heart and see if the Lord is trying to reach in for a greater measure in your life. Awesome opportunity.

More to come from Monterrey (and Matamoros) soon……



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