Juarez Field Notes

West Bound on Interstate 20

We were briefly in Juarez, out to the remote mountains of Chihuahua, and back to Juarez, with breakneck speed.  Or so it seemed…  Vince Corcoran and I joined up with the guys at CasaTriunfo for their annual men's conference, held at El Rancho, four plus hours due west of town.  As a man, it was great to be among men, and can be high level motivation for starting a men's ministry!

Chihuahua Desert

It was great to join together with the other 5 or 6 ministries who were coming together, and also to meet some of the guys who were putting it on.  We could really feel the prayer support of those who were joining our battle in the Spirit, and the battle was effective in my view.  El Rancho is a drug rehab base for this ministry, from which it has restored, raised up, and sown leaders to the nation of Mexico and beyond.

Martin Corona, myself, and a joker!
El Rancho Drug Rehab Ministry in Remote Chihuahua

One such leader we encountered there was Martin Corona, nicknamed Payaso, or Clown, and it was great to see him again after so many years.  I initially met him in South Central Mexico in 2008 or so.  He has been working in (and is soon returning to) Russia and it was great to hear his stories and know more about what he is up to.  We are in the beginning stages of plans to take an FXMissions team to visit them there.  Perhaps you are interested?

Israel & Martin
Worship Team!

We also had the privilege to contribute to the one year anniversary service at Punto de Encuentro (Point of Encounter), the church plant CasaTriunfo started in the city of Juarez.  Great to be back with these guys and what an honor it was to be asked to join for such a significant landmark.  Rene & Kate Nevarez and Israel Juarez and his wife Wendy are such kind and gracious hosts, and we are looking forward to doing whatever we can to support them down range.

Rene and Vince

Speaking of Rene, he and I along with a few others are heading south to Mexico City, Puebla, Veracruz, Oaxaca, Cuernavaca, Irapuato and Queretaro beginning May 15, for what is being called the #2015MexicoTour.  Prayers are really needed and are much appreciated.  We will hopefully have some internet access with frequency and plan to post updates to the FXMissions Facebook Page, which is accessible by clicking here!

Blessings and grace!

Scott McClelland

Israel Juarez and me at El Rancho


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