Africa2017 Upcoming

Please be in prayer with us as we travel to Kenya and South Africa late October / early November!

Please pray for:

  • travel, rest and getting over the trip as fast as possible
  • grace for all the team, especially those who are going for the first time
  • that we give and receive all the Lord intends during this time
  • that everyone (team, hosts and others) are enriched and blessed by the time, and left “better off”
We will see Mishael and participate with he and the congregations in a conference!
We will be with the Kirkpatricks and greet them by name (haha), and spend some time with those they are working with in Durban and surrounding areas of South Africa.

Really appreciate the prayer support.  Watch for our updates from the field!  #Kenya2017 #SouthAfrica2017

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  1. To all who work with the Fx missions and the team traveling to Africa!

    Please thank you for the plans and intends to visit Kenya this year, you’re most welcome and we will be happy to be with you in a church conference in Nyabokarange which starts on 25th-29th October 2017. The conference will bring together all our four congregations and other neighbour churches willing to attend.
    Kindly your prayers and any other support to help the conference be successful are highly appreciated.

    Many blessings !


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