The Word of the Lord Came

A quick online search reveals that ninety-three times in the Old Testament this expression, “the word of the Lord came” is written in the New American Standard Bible… beginning with Abram in Genesis 15, and finally in Zechariah, which is the next to Malachi, the last book before the New Testament begins.  The description of this kind of communication changed from Old Testament to New Testament, but the personal communication from the Lord is in no way withdrawn or rendered obsolete.  Across the Old Testament we see this happening with prophets and great figures.  In the New Testament, THE WORD, Himself, very literally CAME to us, the man Christ Jesus, so His communication  becomes altogether more personal, direct and 1:1.

Nothing can or should replace this phenomenon – the Lord’s word – as it is needed, just as the written word is needed in our lives.  This goes to the specific and the personal, and contains promises and direction that you and I will need, at the individual level.  Often, in my life, the “word of the Lord” has come to me from the scriptures, some I was familiar with, and others I had never heard.  There have been countless times where scriptures I came across were highlighted and emphasized to me by the Holy Spirit, giving them special meaning and current, in the moment importance.
This communication – the Lord’s personal, direct and individual Voice – may contain guidance that keeps you alive during a famine, war, or other circumstances where others are not so fortunate.  It will also lead you to the contribution and purpose that is the intention of your personal sojourn in this life, through it’s various stages, twists and turns. His Voice may also lead you to your giving of the last full measure of yourself in obedience, as was also true of the Lord Himself, and so many of the heroes of the faith who have gone before us.
We are invited, today, to a living relationship and daily interaction / collaboration with the WORD Himself, and thru this relationship, He guides and directs up personally and intimately. Such is the unspeakable, indescribable opportunity, the open door, that Jesus has opened to us, something the holy men, women and children of the Old Testament time anticipated but saw only from a distance.
What is He inviting us to build, create, establish or offer with Him, today?  We can be sure that that which is born of God overcomes the world, and into this partnership we are beckoned.  I encourage you, not only to seek to grow in this relationship, but also to hear and obey the word of the Lord that comes to you.


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  1. This is expressed so well. So often, believers are like quadrapeligics. The Head of the church is sending signal after signal but the body doesn’t respond. “The Lord speakth once, yea twice but man percieveth it not.”

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