BroSummit Lake Michigan

BroSummit 2, Near Monterrey, Mexico

By the time you see this post, the BrotherHood Summit in Lake Michigan may be in full swing, or over.  Nevertheless, I thought I would capture a few thoughts on the importance of men encouraging men.

We started BroSummit some few years ago, maybe three.  We do them every nine months or so, and have alternated between US and international, with two being abroad, one in Monterrey, Mexico area and the other in Nicaragua.  This will be our fifth, and we are thankful for the chance to come together, as men.

Over time, three objectives have emerged:

Encouraging men

  • in their faith
  • their relationships
  • in their manhood / masculinity

We think they are solid pillars to build on.

This event will have representation from several states, as well as Mexico, and we hope to have some photos to show down range.

A parting thought, brotherhood is important.  Don't make light of it.  The scripture is full of examples and we would do well to study them.  We need each other, gentleman, in so many ways and for so many reasons.

If you see this post, I ask you to pray for our efforts of encouraging men.  And if you are a man, consider joining us down range for a BroSummit, a short trip to a foreign nation, or for a cup of coffee at a nearby coffee shop.  We believe the Lord sends courage with us, and we intend to share it, generously!

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