Where Is All This Going?

I don't think I would be accused of being too lenient….   I could be wrong.  Who knows how others see you?  It's hard to get an outside perspective when you live inside your own head.  I like challenges.  Sometimes too much. I want to be intense, extreme, devout.  I don't care if I am known for being that, but I want it to be real.  Often I observe others who want to be known as extreme, because it's cool, or hip, or something.  Most of what I have seen in these examples is false.  

I'm not tough, or especially strong.  I have worked on my mental toughness over the years, while trying to maintain a tender heart.  It's a difficult balance to strike.  Not sure I have done very well on that.

I am convinced that our culture is producing some soft people.  I am concerned about this.  Soft bodies, hard hearts; bad combination.  This age is relentless toward this aim.  The tide is moving in an adverse direction.  Can we withstand it in the culture, or even among our own number?

A bit of truth comes to mind:

If you have run with the footmen and they have wearied you, how will you contend with horses….  and the swelling of the Jordan.

The Jordan represents death, and it will overflow it's banks before the end.  Are we prepared?

And now for a soundbite from CS Lewis!, or maybe just a paraphrase…

The part of us that decides is changed with every decision to look more like the decisions we make.

What are your decisions changing you into?  Are you avoiding the challenges and soaking up the encouragement?  Comfort addictions are very demanding on their hosts!

With all the apocalyptic talk around these days, where is all the accompanying preparation?  Is it safe to assume that you have been polled like I have?  “Who believes we are living in the last days?”  To believe is to begin, as the song goes.  What you believe can be observed.

Obeying in the small things in life put you in a position to say yes in obedience to bigger things.  That's the way it works.  Don't wager big that you are the exception to this.  You aren't.

I don't have the specifics on the times when the world is going to enter it's season of unparalleled trouble.  But it is approaching.  We are going to pass thru the birth canal into a new epoch.Some will do mighty exploits, some will suffer great loss, but the transition is certain.

How can you get ready?

I want to suggest something to you.  This is dangerous, but worthwhile.  Tell Jesus that you will obey Him, regardless of the cost.

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  1. Good word. I think talk is cheap today and it is easy to preach, but the challenge comes living this new life out in the flesh. I appreciate the challenge you have presented. Putting our actions in line with our speech is the challenge of our times.

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