It's been a while since I posted, so I wanted to give everyone a quick update. We are approaching several big transitions, and would really appreciate your prayer support.

The family and I are preparing for our relocation to the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas. This is something I first started to sense in the fall of 2010, so it has been a long time in the making. Hopefully that means we are prepared.

graduating1Heather, our oldest daughter, recently graduated with highest honors from Anderson University, as is now a certified teacher. We are very proud of her, and were thankful that family from Texas were able to join us for the ceremony.

Destiny, middle daughter, graduates from high school in less than a month. We are proud of her too, and she has worked very hard this year, doing two years work in one so that she could graduate before our move.

I think, in some way, our whole family is graduating in this season. All graduations seem to introduce a broad range of emotional response.

We are in the process of making ready / selling our house in Fort Mill, SC, in case you know someone who is looking.

We are moving to the Dallas area on the Lord's leadership, and this will be the next step toward the formation of a missions school we have been planning toward for some time. We should be ready for our first students by the beginning of next year. Our core team of leaders is coming together now and will be preparing over the rest of 2013.

By the time we move from the Charlotte area we will have been here 8 years. It has been a blessing, and the Lord has changed us all in many ways. We are thankful for our time here and for the contribution of friends and fellow believers, as well as the time we have had at MorningStar Ministries. We know God has used all of these to prepare us for the contribution He intends us to have in the days ahead.

As you can imagine, any transition of this size is a challenge, and is fraught with a myriad of emotional tides, especially in a house of five, four of which are female. My education continues…

With the graduation of Heather and Destiny, Kathy and I are hoping to manage well the transition to a new stage of parenthood.

I ask for your prayers over all these things, and over a future that is certain in heaven, but uncertain on Earth. Please pray that all of our family follows on know to the Lord and make Him known more fully. We are called to this, but it is grace that makes it possible, just as in your case, I am sure.

Please pray for those who will join us in the FXMissions effort going forward.

Please pray for the right connections in DFW. We are looking forward to being joined to the right fellowship and the right friendships, as well as the Lord's direction for Kathy's teaching and Katie's school.

Please stand with us for God's grace in all these things. It is greatly appreciated.

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  1. This update was awesome. I am keeping your entire family in prayer to prepare for this transition to Dallas. I pray that it is fruitful, joyfull and full of the Father’s love.
    God bless!
    In Christ,

  2. We love you Mac Family!!!! So good to hear this update. You are definitely graduating- into the more and bigger and better that God has for you. Really excited to hear about the impact your lives and hearts will have in Texas. All behind you and love you- Elaine

  3. Thanks for the update! What exciting times!! It’s a new season! I am praying for you guys! Many blessing and an abundance of His amazing grace!

  4. I appreciate you all.Congratulation Heater for the bold step and sacrifice you have taken and offered to graduate in your university education,you will remain to be a joy of many generations as well as to Destiny.To the whole family we appreciate you all for the courage you have in Christ.Remember the steps of man are ordered by God,may He always order your steps as you all you graduate to your new home at Dallas Texas and let Him multiply and bless you there as He did to Abraham when he moved to Canaan as he was directed by God.May the Lord of peace be with you and His grace be multiplied to you as you take this new transition.
    Thanks and best Regards to you all.

  5. Thanks for your update, congratulations for all the graduations, we love you all, we pray for the best for all of you. The Lord be with you all.


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