Three Strengths of a Great Leader, by Danny Silk

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I've been traveling around for the last 15 years. In those years I have had the privilege of meeting some of the greatest leaders on the planet. In that same time, I've gotten to see different types of leadership in action. The one thing that defines a leader, that stands out above the rest, is their character. John MacArthur said it best” According to scripture virtually everything that truly qualifies a person for leadership is directly related to character.”


In an age where mainstream media seems to want to help us dictate what character looks like and who leaders are, it’s good to know what to look for in a leader, and how to lead in your sphere of influence. Here are three qualities of every great leader:



The priority of heaven is clear: “If you don’t have love then you are nothing but a noise!” (1 Corinthians 13:1, paraphrased). Leaders who extinguish love in the process of reaching goals have achieved earth’s priorities . . . maybe. But the higher goals of heaven require us to cultivate and preserve love. Leaders who love and foster a culture of love around them have a high value for freedom. Freedom is the essential condition for—and purpose of—love. When we use our freedom to love as intended, our freedom and the freedom of those around are protected and cultivated.



When speaking to Job, God said, “Here we go! Prepare yourself like a man. I am going to ask you the questions and you are going to answer me. There is good stuff in you, Job, and I am going to call it out of you” (Job 38:3, 40:7, paraphrased). God applied pressure to Job, but He did it in the spirit of gentleness, in that through His questions, He clearly communicated the message that He did not need to control Job. He protected the opportunity for Job to discover what was truly going on inside him by inviting him to engage his will in the process. That is how God handles somebody He loves. This type of confrontation brings freedom.



Classically we like to interpret confrontation of leadership as dishonor. But God Himself was confrontable! In Genesis 18 there is a perfect picture of this. On His way to destroy Sodom, God checks in with His friend, Abraham, to see what he might say about all of it. He tells Abraham that there is an outcry against Sodom and He has to do something about it. Abraham, whose nephew Lot lives in Sodom, asks God, “Would you also destroy the righteous with the wicked?” He then goes to ask if God would spare the city for fifty righteous, then forty, thirty, twenty, and finally, ten. The whole time, God allowed Abraham to confront Him, and responded “Yes! You’re right. I would spare a city for that many…” God is confrontable! Abraham trusted God and God trusted Abraham. If God made Himself open to confrontation by a man, then it begs the question, who is above confrontation?


How are you leading? Don’t be afraid to ask yourself good questions, and remember—this is a process!

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What is Leadership?

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Leadership, it may be hard to define, but you know it when you see it.  This means there is an essence to leadership that is known through observing it in action, not just in contemplation.  After all, the Kingdom of God is not in word only, but in power (with the idea of action)!

Who is your favorite leader of all time, after Jesus?  Think about this before you go on, please…..  Can you name someone?  We will come back to this, but, I want to encourage you to stop and think of someone until you come up with a name.  Thanks…

Here are a few definitions of leadership for you:

Short version:  Influence

Leadership is being exemplary – Not all persons with responsibility are good examples, but in the Lord’s estimation, leadership and living a good example are the same thing. Continue reading “What is Leadership?”

While Drucker was still living….

Peter Drucker On Leadership
Rich Karlgaard, 11.19.04, 6:00 AM ET

Peter Drucker, 95th Birthday
Peter Drucker, 95th Birthday

NEW YORK – Peter F. Drucker was born 95 years ago today–can it be possible?–in Vienna. The universally known writer, thinker and lecturer now is nearly deaf and doesn't get around like he used to. He stopped giving media interviews about a year ago. But in late October, Drucker granted an exception to at the urging of Dr. Rick Warren, the founder and head of the Christian evangelical Saddleback Community Church in Lake Forest, Calif.

Peter F. Drucker at his home in California
The Drucker-Warren relationship may surprise many readers, but it goes back two decades, to when the young minister came to Drucker for advice. Under Drucker's tutelage, Warren's own success as a spiritual entrepreneur has been considerable. Saddleback has grown to 15,000 members and has helped start another 60 churches throughout the world. Warren's 2001 book, The Purpose-Driven Life, is this decade's best seller with 19.5 million copies sold so far and compiling at the rate of 500,000 per month. Continue reading “While Drucker was still living….”