False Security

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This content may be controversial, and may talk about things you have no personal experience with.  I want to be careful to share this in a way that isn’t unnecessarily weird,  mystical or “super spiritual”.  Also, I want to ask you to hear me out and try to consider the entire content of what I am sharing, then process thru it, before making a judgement or having a reaction.  I’ll be happy to answer questions or clarify as needed, after the fact.  This is not intended to be a teaching on these kind of experiences.

I had an experience from the Holy Spirit in the early 2000s, something like 2001 or 2002, wherein I was shown some things from the perspective of the future, almost 20 years beyond where we are now.  It took me some years to get a sense of what was being communicated, and some things were immediately obvious. In my experience, I knew that false security was in the process of being removed from the earth.  It WAS NOT in the early stages.  Much of the false security was gone, whether those falsities that construct errant worldview, right on down to those that people use as coping mechanisms. It’s strange how in dreams or experiences like this you can just “know” something.  This was one of those types of experiences.  There was a lot more to the experience, most of which is not necessary to share at this moment.  I think the timely thing, the thing that needs to be shared now, is about false security.

Why is this important to share now after almost 20 years?

I believe that what is happening around us now with the COVID19, coronavirus, is among the beginnings of this process.  Notice I say “among”.  It’s not the beginning, but early in the process.

Before continuing along this path, I want to offer an apology of sorts.

History is replete with examples of prophetic insight that was interpreted incorrectly, used for personal gain, or just plain false.  Forgive us.  This irrefutable fact makes discernment all the more necessary when we approach things of this kind.  And for those of us who have received such things, we have to approach both the content and the delivery with utter humility.  Therefore, I submit these things to you for your prayerful consideration, in a spirit of humility, before the Lord Jesus, and before my brothers and sisters.

Even if we see things clearly (which isn’t always the case), we could misunderstand or misinterpret them.

Let me be clear regarding COVID19.  I didn’t see anything specific about this.  Nor did I have foreknowledge of what was happening, specifically, to remove the false security.  The extent of what I saw, or, rather felt and knew, was that false security was systematically being removed from the world. I didn’t know how, but I felt like it wasn’t a single thing that had done it.  It seemed much more like a process that was happening, and had already been happening, over an extension of time.  With me so far?  Good.  Buckle up.  This next part might be bumpy for you.

I am not a pessimistic person.  I don’t see doom and gloom everywhere.  I consider myself an optimistic guy, and those who know me can weigh in.  So the following things are submitted with a sense of optimism.  As Christ’s body, we have an enduring promise of complete victory, over all Christ’s enemies, death being chief among them.  Now back to our main points.

I believe that false security is beginning to be removed from the world, in a visible way.  It is becoming more and more recognizable.  Perhaps you feel the same way?
I believe this will continue and escalate.

The bible says talks about the end of the age quite a bit, in the late chapters of Matthew, and in many other places.  The world often interprets this theme as “the end of the world” or total annihilation.  Obviously, if we read past those descriptions, we know that to be a misinterpretation.  It is the end of an age.  Like the ice age.  It ended.  So will this one.

If you are feeling a little shaky or scared right now, maybe you should consider whether or not some of your security is rooted in this age, in the world around you, your “normal”.  Unfortunately that is often the effect of living in this world.  And as the scriptures says, we must SET our minds on things above, not on things on this earth…  This doesn’t happen once.  It happens daily.  In the days we are living in, and especially in those days to come, setting our minds, hopes and hearts on the things of heaven will be increasingly important.

How might the systematic removal of false security and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ be connected?  Here I remember the words of a man I respect…. Jesus is removing the things that hinder love.  I believe that we are entering a new phase of this longer season of the removal of false security.  I believe that this process is the work of the Lord.  I am not saying this is in the sense of being judgmental.  If Jesus is removing things that hinder love, it makes sense that He would remove things from our hearts that have managed to fool us about truth, love, and what it means to be secure.  The Lord’s Truth and Person that we embrace for eternal security also provides us with security in this life.  If not, you might want to test that you have the real thing, in a real way.

Removing false security from our lives, and from the earth, is a blessing from God.

It serves an eviction notice to the things in our lives, and in our societies / cultures, that can’t support the weight that will inevitably be brought to bear on them.

Being unsettled during this time should not come as a surprise.  God is smiling on us who are in the person of Jesus, because He is smiling on Jesus.  We can use these times, and the tests that come with them, to go deeper in our faith and the true security that belongs to all of us who are in Christ.  And if you are reading this and you don’t know the Lord, let us introduce you.  God is our Rock, a true shelter and protection in time of trouble.

I don’t in any way intend disrespect to those individuals and families who have lost or will lose loved ones in this COVID19, coronavirus, thing.  And I am not saying that God killed these people.  I do not believe that, and I don’t want to be misunderstood.  Those themes are big subjects, which we may unpack more later.  For now, I want to ask you to consider what false securities you may be holding onto.  Money, status, prominence.  Convenience, freedom of movement, comfort.  These things are no place to have your hope.

And let’s continue to pray and believe God for the end of this pandemic, and to shorten the loss of life, as well as for the families that have been impacted.

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  1. may I add a word for your considerations? The word is preferences (as in our personal preferences).
    Great insights brother and well presented. I liken this time to our meeting with Him at the altar to exchange our best versions / definitions for His, and to embrace His manner of working all things out for good in the midst of what almost certainly make look otherwise, personally as well as collectively.

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