As we enter this world, the smile and joyful exclamations of one man welcome us to our new reality. Who is this man? He is known as our father. This moment is the beginning of the important role he plays in the different stages of our life. He is not just an individual who helped in our creation or pays our bills at the end of each month.

A father is a person who gives all he can to help you, in ways great or small. He takes the responsibility he has been given seriously and sacrifices himself for the sake of his children. He has a role to play, which no other individual can replace. A father is one who gives in selfless love to provide for you, teach you, and challenge you.

A father is a giving person who sacrifices daily for his family. This sacrifice may be found in working long hours to support the family or spending time with his kids. Through this sacrifice, he realizes that he is not the center of his world. He is aware of the importance of the responsibility he has been given. Sacrifice is a necessary element of fatherhood.

A father is a source of security, a tower of strength. He is the one you can run to when you've had a bad dream or a broken heart. He will hold you up when you feel like giving up. His hugs help you to remember that life will go on, even if everything seems to be crashing down. His supportive love remains through the sad times, the happy times, and all the times in between.

A father is a teacher, whether he knows it or not He helps shape the way we talk as toddlers, the way we act as young children, and the way we view the world as we become teenagers. Some of his teachings come practically. He may teach us how to hit a baseball or change our car oil, but most of the lessons he teaches us are not just practical things. By his example, he teaches how to treat others, how to be successful, and, ultimately, how to live the life we have been given. He molds our ideas, perspectives, and attitudes about the world around us.

The important role of a father can be seen in the world today, as more and more children live life fatherless. Not only does this put the children at risk for poverty with the support of only one income, but also they have to live life missing that key element of support. While mothers play a key role in the development of their children, they cannot play the same role as a father. A mother may remember all the details, but a father keeps the big picture in mind.

He considers the effect your decisions have on you. He disciplines and shapes you to become the person you are meant to be. He challenges and pushes you to go farther and harder. Although these challenges may not be easy, they help you grow. And as he _pushes you, he shows you who a man really should be. For guys, he is the example of who they should be one day, and, for girls, he is the example of what they deserve in a husband. Without a father, this example is absent; ‘therefore, a fatherless individual will be forced to understand their role and the roles of others through their own experience.

Fathers are priceless gifts that we often take for granted. A father helps us grow into the people we are meant to be by providing for us, taking care of us, teaching us, and challenging us. He sticks by you through thick and thin and loves you with a steadfast love. A father is one who continually gives of himself in order for his children to have more, and, no matter what they do, his love remains.

(Written anonymously)

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  1. This perspective and truth is in my opinion second to the need of Christ for our world. We, as Americans, tend to look at what America needs, but this is what the world needs. I feel like the “true” men of the church should be leading the way here. It is time to step up and walk the walk leading those around us and not just on Sunday with a church front face on.
    Great piece of writing.

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