Creation Awaits


Is the waiting of the creation mentioned in Romans going to continue until our Lord's return?  I think maybe so. Why?  Because when we see Him, we will be like Him. Will we be manifested for who we really are in this time when we have no certain dwelling place?  We need to work to sort this out, and understand it fully.

A good bit of the teaching about us receiving our inheritance in this life focuses on our gain, our importance, our fulfillment. Who will dare, in the midst of our culture of indulgence, dare to live like Jesus?

Can we live like You did Lord, while we are busy filling our pockets, our stomachs, our bank and retirement accounts, and our minds with thoughts of self-importance?  Seems we may be a little encumbered by these weights…  Oh how they slow us down, putting Your goal of “on earth as in Heaven” beyond our grasp.

Take us into Yourself, Jesus, in a manner that helps us have no identity apart from You.

Free us, Lord, from the plight of shallowness and plague of waywardness.  We are yours!  Take us more fully into Your yoke!  Help us Lord!

Bring us into this reality of life that is not measured by the abundance (or lack) of possessions, or by possessions at all, for that matter. Remove this deception from our eyes, and let us behold You, more and more and more and more and more fully!  Jesus we fix our hope upon You.

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  1. So, how then do we live?

    This keeps bringing me back to the one thing: the secret, vibrant intimate friendship with God. Abandoned to Him, His heart, etc. Seeking His kingdom and righteousness.

    I realize that when I am looking to man’s wisdom (principles, or monuments to wisdom) I go this way or that way, I am swept by the next new thing. I feel successful, feel fulfilled. And then I wake up and look around and see that I have built my life on sand, on man’s wisdom. I followed the all the voices that clammer at me constantly instead of the one true Voice which whispers to me simple things: watch and pray.

    Building on the rock is about getting quiet and listening to the one Voice, then obeying it. There is real security in that, real identity. It’s deep, it’s fulfilling. It gives me real life though it requires death. It gives me real significance, though it looks (at times) like inactivity.

    So, how then do I live? … one day at a time … morning by morning, letting the one Voice open my ears, my heart, my eyes and give me living wisdom and courage for action.

    Principles would be easier, but I prefer life.

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