Getting Off The Train

At some point, I got off the train…. with all of it's momentum, with all of it's ambition, with all of it's worthwhile and exciting destinations.  With all of it's swaying back and forth, it's movements, convincing it's riders that progress was being made.  I headed into parts unknown to me, tho I would find a trail in the wilderness, I didn't really know that at the outset.  Others had passed thru and marked a path, in the generations and the seasons that had come before…..  it required focus to make out there markings, as time and weather had worn their edges.  But the path was certainly there, and with diligence could be discerned, and  trusted.

At times, there were voices on the wind.  At other times, I would find writings along the path.  But these would guide me and encourage me moments just when i needed it most.  I could tell that there were few who had found the path that I was on, and tho such travelers were often alone, the clarity that they had experienced was leading to something worthwhile, something transcendent.  And something that the folks on the train, with all their encumbering bags and bundles, longed to be free to step into.

No doubt, free souls had passed this way before me.  I could sense their nearness, tho time had us trapped beyond each others reach.  Still they beckoned to me, and I sensed and understood their urgings.  They were encouraging me to continue onward, toward a destination that was yet to be revealed.

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